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In the Server Side Validation, the input submitted by the user is being sent to the server and validated using one of server side scripting languages such as ASP. After the validation process on the Server Side, the feedback is sent back to the client by a new dynamically generated web page.It is better to validate user input on Server Side because you can protect against the malicious users, who can easily bypass your Client Side scripting language and submit dangerous input to the server.Client-side validation is implemented mostly for user experience.It's better to check a form first in the client and show invalid fields to the user.

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Validations can be performed on the server side or on the client side ( web browser).An application service method should first check (validate) input and then use it. NET Boilerplate provides a good infrastructure to automatically validate all inputs of an application for; See Disabling Validation section to disable validation if needed. NET Boilerplate supports data annotation attributes. Assume that we're developing a Task application service that is used to create a task and gets an input as shown below: Here, Description property is marked as Required. There are also many attributes (like Max Length, Min Length, Regular Expression...) in System. It also throws Abp Validation Exception if any of the input properties are invalid. NET MVC's validation but notice that an application service class is not derived from Controller, it's a plain class and can work even out of a web application. In addition to ICustom Validate, ABP also supports . You can also implement it to perform additional custom validations.If data annotations are not sufficient for your case, you can implement ICustom Validate interface as shown below: ICustom Validate interface declares Add Validation Errors method to be implemented. If you implement both interfaces, both of them will be called.But, server-side validation is more critical and unavoidable. NET Boilerplate also checks if input is null and throws Abp Validation Exception if so.Server side validation is generally implemented in application services or controllers (in general, all services get data from presentation layer). See Task application service implementation: As you see, no validation code is written since ASP. So, you don't have to write null-check code (guard clause). Ioc Resolver to resolve dependencies if needed in validation progress.

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At Pelosi’s hearing, Fluke said her fellow students at Georgetown, a Jesuit university, pay as much as ,000 a year for birth control because campus health plans do not include coverage of contraceptives for women. Referring to controversial remarks by Foster Friess, a supporter of former senator Rick Santorum, Limbaugh said, “I will buy all of the women at Georgetown University as much aspirin to put between their knees as they want.” That afternoon, there were reports of a bomb threat at Limbaugh’s South Florida home, but an investigation revealed that the suspicious package was not dangerous and unrelated to Limbaugh’s remarks.

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