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Varves are amongst the smallest-scale events recognised in stratigraphy.

An annual layer can be highly visible because the particles washed into the layer in the spring when there is greater flow strength are much coarser than those deposited later in the year.

Concretions form within layers of sedimentary strata that have already been deposited.

They usually form early in the burial history of the sediment, before the rest of the sediment is hardened into rock.

A varve is an annual layer of sediment or sedimentary rock.

The word 'varve' derives from the Swedish word varv whose meanings and connotations include 'revolution', 'in layers', and 'circle'.

The word 'concretion' is derived from the Latin con meaning 'together' and crescere meaning 'to grow'.

Six qualitative diagnostic criteria typical of the Inundatory Stage and five criteria associated with the Recessive Stage of the Flood are developed. Many examples of the use of the criteria are mentioned.

The three main locations that creationists have postulated for the Flood/post-Flood boundary are in the late Paleozoic, the Mesozoic/Cenozoic boundary, and in the late Cenozoic (shown in age column by arrows).

However, the location of the Flood/post-Flood boundary is quite controversial.

With respect to the geological column, there have been three main schools of thought Lowering the boundary within the geological column is a predictable progression since some of the criteria used to define a post-Flood environment in this school of thought, such as hardgrounds, are also found in the early Paleozoic.

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